Hi, I'm Ryan!

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Flagstaff, AZ 86005

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Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff — BS in Computer Engineering

August 2019 - Current

In progress

Computer Engineering involves the design and development of systems based on computers and complex digital logic devices. These systems find use in such diverse tasks as computation, communication, entertainment, information processing, artificial intelligence, and control.

McKinney Boyd High School, McKinney— High School Diploma

August 2015 - May 2019


  • Strong Customer Service Skills

  • Microsoft Office Troubleshooting

  • Active Directory

  • Google Admin Knowledge

  • Extensive Operating System Knowledge

  • Microsoft Windows

  • MacOS

  • Linux

  • ChromeOS


Green Cord (100 Volunteer Hours)

Award In the field of CTE (Careers in Technology & Engineering)



German - Light Knowledge


Music Making


Ryan Bussey

My objective for work would be to use my skills in the tech,

math, and science industries to better people's lives.


NAU Student Technology Center, Flagstaff AZ — Senior Student Technician

August 2019 - PRESENT * 2 Years, 4 Months

At Northern Arizona University’s Student Technology Center, I work closely with my colleagues to help students with issues that they run into on their computers by offering astounding customer service. I make myself patient, approachable, and flexible for my colleagues and customers so that work can be performed at the highest level. At the STC, I was able to work on skills such as how I speak to customers on the phone and I have been trained by those above me to work on the phones for phone support and call center positions. I have also learned how to use resources such as Cisco Prime to troubleshoot down access points, using in house developed tools to log my progress in troubleshooting and fixing devices, and using multiple operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android. Currently I am working with fellow Senior Student Technicians to build a new Linux Diagnostic Tool for everyone at the STC to use and increase workflow. I am also working on my A+ and Dell certifications. At this job I have also had experience using Mac OS imaging tools and deploying software installations and updates such as Deploy Studio and JAMF Pro and also self service. I have also had to answer questions regarding campus information technology systems, support policies and diagnoses and provide solutions to a broad range of information related technologies. I also know how to use imaging software to deploy images for Mac OS, Mac software, Windows OS and Windows software such as service center and also conduct Mac OS and Windows OS upgrades, hardware and software installations, system performance evaluation and tuning, system and software configuration, program debugging, global troubleshooting, security, backup and recovery operations, connectivity tuning, networking, general maintenance, and other aspects of maintaining stable systems. I regularly process tickets in accordance with established departmental standards. The part of the job I do most often is to assist other computer users to identify issues and diagnose failures; develop, recommend, and implement solutions. I also involve myself heavily in the training of others. Whether that be training new hires or training an existing technician to be a senior technician. I have very good in person support and have experience with working a service desk. This job allows me to interact with a wide variety of people coming from all sorts of different backgrounds and I love meeting people different from me. I go out on appointments to do in person support if someone is unable or unwilling to come into the STC. If customers are unable to come in and get in person support, I also was trained to use our remote software bomgar to assist them remotely as well. Seniors are one of two primary points of contact and support for new Student Techs and are expected to participate in mentoring and training them which I do. I am to ensure that new and returning Student Techs are proficient in the tasks Student Techs are expected to perform and are competent in their knowledge of NAU and all the aspects of STC support. I also provide one-on-one or small group training sessions for new hires to increase the knowledge of other Student Techs.

Best Buy, Flagstaff AZ Computing Associate/Geek Squad

August 2021 - PRESENT * 4 Months

As a Computing Associate at Best Buy, I am the first person people go to in order to get help with any technology or computer needs. I talk to customers on a daily basis and communicate with them about issues they are having with their current computer or recommend to them a new computer based on what they will be using it for. I offer expert customer service to anyone visiting the store and help everyone the same no matter what their background is. As a part of Geek Squad help desk and service desk, I help customers make appointments so that they can talk with a consultant to get their questions answered and their devices fixed. In this position I have learned more about various Mac OS bugs and fixes, Mac software, Windows OS bugs and fixes and Windows software. This job has allowed me to use my excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to sell products or services and also fix issues or problems with customers. I am very patient when it comes to speaking with customers and I am always kind and polite even if the customer is not treating me the best.

Good Faith Energy, Dallas TX — IT Director

June 2018 - August 2021 * 3 Years, 3 Months

As IT director for Good Faith Energy, I developed strong technology and customer service skills. For example, one of my main projects at Good Faith Energy was building and deploying a server for our website to be hosted on. I also work very closely with people of different backgrounds and ethnicities and treat everyone as equals. A lot of my job was troubleshooting issues with our employee’s windows computers and Macs while also managing our Google services. I was our Google Admin for the time I was IT Director and managed everyones accounts and had to do a lot of account troubleshooting with outlook and microsoft accounts as well as google accounts. I also helped troubleshoot network issues employees would have such as issues with TCP/IP, LDAP, DNS, Active Directory, and Open Directory. I have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal; excellent listening skills. I work well with my co-workers and support them as well as I can. I also helped train other people on the IT team at Good Faith Energy as well so I have training experience from there. Another one of the more important aspects of my job was also assisting customers who were calling in to get technical help with their solar system. I would remote into their computer or account and walk them through their issue and help them resolve it. I would also regularly schedule and go out on appointments to either customers or employees homes in order to help them with any issue that they might be having.